is a brand-new, 100% online, business energy price comparison engine, from Northern Gas and Power — the UK’s leading business energy consultancy. provides online business energy quotes with more accuracy than all other comparison sites. Sign and secure your business energy renewal in 2 minutes and 18 seconds! is dedicated to providing a seamless, frustration-free experience when you renew business energy. A simple, 100% online process secures your renewal in under 3 minutes — no waiting, no phone calls. makes renewing your business energy quick, easy and simple.

Introducing Norther Gas and Power’s Alpha.Lite — the UK’s first energy software as a service platform (eSaaS).

How much does it cost us when the PCs are left running? How long are the lights kept on in the corridors? How much could we save on our energy bills? Common questions…

Business Energy Quotes gets you thousands of business quotes in less than 60 seconds.

The energy industry is one of the few which have welcomed the modern digital age. As print media, publishers, retailers and factories concede defeat to technological innovation, the energy industry has thrived and developed in unprecedented…

Lack of demand increases your chances of securing a better energy deal

Although the coronavirus outbreak continues to trouble economies throughout the world, business and industrial energy professionals can capitalise on the global shortage of energy demand.

Lack of demand increases your chances of a better business energy deal

Boris Johnson announced the UK’s lockdown on Monday 23rd March, closing all non-essential…

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