Energy management made easy

Introducing Norther Gas and Power’s Alpha.Lite — the UK’s first energy software as a service platform (eSaaS).

How much does it cost us when the PCs are left running? How long are the lights kept on in the corridors? How much could we save on our energy bills? Common questions that rarely get precise answers. But now Alpha.Lite is here.

Alpha.Lite is live.

Alpha.Lite allows unparalleled access to UK electricity markets, energy data and detailed analytics which underpin the UK’s energy consumption and can provide personalised business data to its clients. Businesses are able to see where their energy is being used, where energy can be saved and where energy can be made more efficient — all in real time.

Businesses can see where energy can be saved and where energy can be made more efficient in real time.

The all-new, innovative software is fully cloud based, so there are no invasive measures for your business. With a subscription to Alpha.Lite, live data from any business can be viewed and accessed remotely from anywhere in the world so businesses can evaluate the most effective methods to manage energy consumption.

Large businesses with multiple branches can draw incredible benefits. Through Alpha.Lite, businesses are able to accurately monitor, configure and manage their energy consumption remotely throughout the UK in each of their branches. Our analytics and algorithms can provide cost-effective expense-saving solutions to energy inefficiencies, ensuring costs and expenses remain at an appropriate level.

Algorithms provide expense-saving solutions by highlighting energy inefficiencies

Alpha.Lite is also able to validate businesses’ bills with a robust built-in pricing engine that ensures consumers aren’t overpaying for energy use, maximising efficiency and saving unnecessary expense. Businesses can now cross-reference energy bills with analysis directly from their energy output and use this data to target future inefficiencies in its operation.

Consumers who subscribe to Alpha.Lite will receive automatic month-to-date (MTD) alerts which immediately notify businesses when inefficiencies are calculated and suggests resourceful solutions, saving businesses tens of thousands in unnecessary payments.

Alpha.Lite presents all of its detailed analytics in a simplified, accessible format, giving the client full scope to view each energy stream in its operation. Our complex algorithms are able to locate and target specific energy wastage or excess in your business within moments of signing up. Upon subscribing, our clients are given 14 months of data on their past energy consumption.

Simplified data analysis can show the precise cost of energy in real-time

Intelligent system processes and advanced algorithms can calculate consumption and curate accurate forecasts and projections on future business energy use. Businesses, through Alpha.Lite’s software services can confidently develop their long-term planning of commercial activity, knowing precisely how much their energy will cost.

Alpha.Lite will offer clients a simplified, detailed analysis of their energy fundamentals. Significant data points will be automatically highlighted through the software’s user-friendly, accessible interface. It has never been easier to manage your energy.

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